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Comment widget and everything you need to know about it

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Emotes Widget


Enable Vuukle Comment widget using WordPress plugin:

In your WordPress Admin panel, go into Settings > Vuukle and choose On for “Enable comments” in the “Advanced settings”

Enable Comments in WordPress


enable in wp settings

For Blogger:

It’s auto enabled in blogger, please check integration article

You can disable comment widget by editing JS parameters in Blogger template.

More information below in JS variables section.

For JavaScript:

In your website’s HTML, insert the following code where you want the Comments widget to display

<div id="vuukle-comments"></div>


JS variables:

	comments: {
	    socialAuth: true, // enables G+ and Facebook social logins
        vuukleAuth: true, //
		transliteration:{ //Enables transliteration
	  		language: "en",
			enabledByDefault: true,
	    hideRecommendedArticles: false, //Hides "Talk of the town" section
	    hideMoreNews: true, // hide button 'Show more articles'
	    hideCommentInputBox: false, // Hides Comment input field ( can be expanded by           pressing on the " add comment button")
	    enabled: true, //Enables comment widget
	    commentingClosed: false, // Closes commenting (Users can view already posted           comments but can't post new ones)
	    maxChars: 3000, //Comment char limit (You can set a limit up to 3000                   characters)
	    countToLoad: 10, // number of comments to load initialy on the page
	    toxicityLimit: 80, // 1-99 - you can set how strict is the automoderation. 100         - disables the parameter
		sorting: latest/oldest //sorts by latest or oldest comments on initial loading
 		customText: {}, // please check this article for custom texts                           implementation/

           color: "#10e9ba",
           darkMode: true,

WordPress Settings

Same as the JS variable list but with User friendly settings look:

wp emote s