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How can I log in to my account if I signed up from the comment widget without a password?

Updated over a month ago

If you signed up through the Comment Widget by entering your email address or through a social media account, there are a couple of ways to log in to your Vuukle account.

Log in with a Social Media Account on the Comment Widget

  1. Click the social media icon you want to log in with
  2. Click the dropdown arrow beside your name, then select “My Profile”

social login

social login 2

Log in with a Social Media Account on Vuukle’s Login Page

Alternatively, you can go to Vuukle’s Login Page,, and select the social media account you want to log in with.

social login 3

What if I want to log in with a password?

If you didn’t set up a password, forgotten it, or simply don’t know what is it, you can retrieve and reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on Vuukle’s Login Page. Click here for the tutorial

social login 4