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How to do language customizations if using JS implementation?

Updated over a month ago

You can customize any element using JS implementation.

How to do language customizations if using JS implementation

In our widgets you can change different texts to custom. Just replace value to needed and save changes:

To add Custom text please add the code below to Vuukle config:

  1. Comments custom text
comments: { customText: { common: { name: 'Name', email: 'Email', writeComment: 'Write a comment', blankName: 'Name cannot be blank', blankEmail:
'Email cannot be blank', blankComment: 'Comment cannot be blank', invalidEmail: 'Invalid email, please try again.', invalidName: 'The name should not
contain numbers, URL, special characters or offensive words', reply: 'Reply', // used for action in comment/reply 'Reply [1]' replies: 'Replies',
report: 'Report Comment', or: 'or', // used in sign in [SOCIAL] or [NAME, EMAIL] to: 'to', // not needed // used in reply item - [reply icon] to Ross
recommend: 'Recommend', // used for recommend item in header of widget recommended: 'Recommended', // used for recommend item in header of widget -
when user recommended article readMore: 'Read more', // comment / reply text truncate to show more showLess: 'show less', // comment / reply text
truncate to show less points: 'points', point: 'point', // added }, profile: { myProfile: 'My Profile', myComments: 'My Comments', signOut: 'Sign
out', removeComment: 'Remove comment', }, toxicity: { long: 'likely to be perceived as "toxic"', // toxicity message for big screens: [percentage] +
[long] -> 90% likely to be perceived as "toxic" messageTooLong: 'Characters limit exceeded. Please try to make your comment shorter or remove some
symbols.', // this might be displayed if user added long text with not common symbols which might be calculated as few symbols in length }, messages:
{ charlimits: 'The moderator has set a character limit up to', alreadyReported: 'You have already reported this comment to moderator.',
commentsClosed: 'Comments are now closed.', alreadySubmitted: 'Your comment has been already submitted for this article.', almostSame: 'Your previous
comment was almost same. Comments should be different.', // Previous comment and new one are not passing difference of 25% flaggedMessage: 'Thanks,
the moderator will be notified', errorSubmitting: 'There was an error while saving your comment, please refresh the page and try again', invalidLogin:
'Invalid login, please login again', spammerComment: 'Your comment is under moderation', moderationMessage: 'Your comment is under moderation and will
be approved by the site moderator. Thank you for your patience.', spamComment: 'Seems like you want to post a spam comment. If you still want to send
it just click on "POST" button again.', // ADDED ownCommentVote: 'You cannot add vote to your own comment', // When user want to vote on his/her own
comment commentAdded: 'Comment is successfully posted', // Comment has been added successfuly noComments: 'Be the first to comment', // Used to show
'Be the first to comment' instead comments if there is no comments noCommentsInSorting: 'No comments here', // Used in sorting category ( not latest )
to tell user that there is no comments flagQuestion: 'Do you want to report this comment?', // Used in confirm window after click on flag icon
toxicityLimit: 'You cannot post comments with toxicity value more than %d', // %d - is number position. i.e. if limit is 70% message willbe: You
cannot post comments with toxicity value more than 70% }, timeAgo: { suffixAgo: 'ago', suffixFromNow: 'from now', seconds: 'less than a minute',
minute: 'about a minute', minutes: '%d minutes', //%d is replaced with the date value hour: 'an hour', hours: '%d hours', day: 'a day', days: '%d
days', month: 'a month', months: '%d months', year: 'year', years: '%d years', }, shareIcons: { google: 'Share using Google Plus', facebook: 'Share
using Facebook', twitter: 'Share using Twitter', linkedin: 'Share using Linkedin', }, login: { google: 'Login using Google', facebook: 'Login using
Facebook', }, commentText: { when1: 'comment', whenX: 'comments', }, sorting: { sortBy: 'Sort by:', latest: 'Latest', mostLiked: 'Best', editorsPick:
"Editor's Pick", mostReplied: 'Most Replied', oldest: 'Oldest', more: 'More', // dropdown for filters: mostReplied, mostDisliked, oldest }, buttons: {
loadMore: 'Load more comments', post: 'Post', showMoreArticles: 'Show more articles', like: 'Like', liked: 'Liked', addComment: 'Add Comment', },
recommendedStories: 'Talk of the town', }, };
  1. PowerBar custom text
powerbar: { CustomText = { shares: "Shares", //This parameter used to set name of the 'Shares' item (used with shares counter to display shares count)
share: "Share", //This parameter used to set name of the 'Share' item (used with shares counter to display shares count) recommend: "Recommend", ,
//This parameter used to set name of the 'Recommend' tooltip text - action description }, };
  1. Emote custom text
emotes: {
	customText = {
		header: 'What is your reaction?',
		thanks: 'Thank you for voting!',
		suggestionsHeader: 'You might like:',
		previous: 'Previous',
		next: 'next',
		noRecommendations: '😢 No recommendations. Try to select another emote',
		feel: 'Feel', // Recommended Articles /* 45% Feel Happy */
		votes: 'votes',
		vote: 'vote',