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How to enable transliteration?

Updated over a month ago

At any moment, you can enable transliteration using WordPress or JS.

How to enable transliteration using WordPress

To enable transliteration just follow this few steps:

  1. Go to WordPress admin page, click on Settings, and then on Vuukle.

    enable transliteration with wp 01

  2. After scroll down to the ‘Language(Google Transliterate)’ settings and click on languages drop-down list to choose a needed language

    enable transliteration with wp 02

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Settings

    enable transliteration with wp 03

    There are two ways how it would be working on article pages: The chosen language may be by default and by switching from English to chosen language.

    For using needed language by default just make sure that the ‘Default Language’ setting set to Yes.

    enable transliteration with wp 04

    And in the case to use English with the possibility to switch to the needed language chose No for ‘Default Language’ setting.

    enable transliteration with wp 05

    When all settings set right scroll to the bottom and click on Save Settings.

How to enable transliteration using JS

To enable transliteration using JS please paste following code to the Vuukle config:

comments: { transliteration:{ language: "en", enabledByDefault: true, },

Languages abbreviation list:

English - en;

Amharic - am;

Arabic - ar;

Bengali - bn;

Chinese - zh;

Creek - el;

Gujarati - gu;

Hindi - hi;

Kannada - kn;

Malayalam - ml;

Marathi - mr;

Nepali - ne;

Oriya - or;

Persian - fa;

Punjabi - pa;

Russian - ru;

Sanskrit - sa;

Sinhalese - si;

Serbian - sr;

Tamil - ta;

Telugu - te;

Tigrinya - ti;

Urdu - ur.

enable transliteration with js 06