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How to enable transliteration?

Updated over a month ago

At any moment, you can enable transliteration using JS.

How to enable transliteration using JS

To enable transliteration using JS please paste the following code to the Vuukle config:

comments: { transliteration:{ language: "en", enabledByDefault: true, },

Languages abbreviation list:

English - en;

Amharic - am;

Arabic - ar;

Bengali - bn;

Chinese - zh;

Creek - el;

Gujarati - gu;

Hindi - hi;

Kannada - kn;

Malayalam - ml;

Marathi - mr;

Nepali - ne;

Norwegian - no;

Oriya - or;

Persian - fa;

Punjabi - pa;

Russian - ru;

Sanskrit - sa;

Sinhalese - si;

Serbian - sr;

Spanish - es;

Tamil - ta;

Telugu - te;

Tigrinya - ti;

Turkey - tr;

Urdu - ur.

enable transliteration with js 06

You can download the “English” transliteration file from your Vuukle Admin Panel.
Move to the “Builder” - “Language Settings” page and click on the “Download” button

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