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How to schedule revenue reports?

Updated over a month ago

In order to schedule revenue reports, go to Vuukle Dashboard home page, click on your site, and choose Reports from submenu. Enter your email, choose Revenue from drop down list, choose your report schedule, period you need reports for, choose your timezone, and click Submit. Later, you can upgrade or delete this report.

Schedule revenue reports – Step by step instructions with screenshots

  1. Go to Vuukle Dashboard home page, click on site, and choose Reports from submenu

    revenue reports 01

  2. Fill these data: – Email – Choose Revenue for reports type – Reports schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) – Period you need reports for (last 7 days, last 30 days, week to date, month to date) – Timezone After that, click Submit button. revenue reports 02

    revenue reports 03

    revenue reports 04

    revenue reports 05

  3. After that your report will be shown on the right. Click on it to update it or delete it. revenue reports 06

    revenue reports 07