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How to send a Notification on your site

Updated this week

To send notifications on your site in Vuukle , you should first log in in the Vuukle admin dashboard.

After that, on the main page choose site that you want and click on ”Notification” from menu.

Step by step instructions with screenshots – send “Notifications” on Vuukle

  1. On the main page, choose any site and click on the ”Notifications”

inkedscreenshot 1 png notification png li

  1. Click on “Send Notification” button

screenshot 1 pngpressbutton png

3.Put the title you want to send the notification with (title should be more than 10 characters)

screenshot 1 pngtitle png

  1. Click on ”Select Image” button to upload an image or gif you want to be seen on your site .

screenshot 1 pngselectimage

  1. Fill the site link you want the notification to be sent

screenshot 1 pnglink png link

  1. Click on “Send” button to send the notification

screenshot 1 png senddd png

After doing all these steps you can see your notification on your site

screenshot 1 pngfinal png png final png

You can close the notification by clicking on the “Cross” icon

screenshot 1 pngcrossicon png

When the users click on the “Notification” on your site- you will have the count of views in the table on the “Notifications” page called “Count”

screenshot 1 countpng