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How to use WordPress plugin options?

Updated over a month ago

If you are using WordPress for your website there are several options you can enable/disable or modify using the Vuukle WordPress plugin. To access Vuukle Settings in WordPress click on Settings in the menu on the left, and then choose Vuukle from the submenu.

WordPress plugin options 01

Vuukle WordPress plugin – options description

General settings

Save comments (WP Database)

Choose if you want the comments to be saved in the WP database.

Remove Vuukle from the posts

If for some reason you want to leave a page without our widgets - you can simply type the id in this field.

Export comments

You can export the comments between desired dates.

Track page views on non article pages

Enable this function to track page views on non article pages

ShareBar widget

Show Share Bar

You can turn the widget status to on/off by toggling the radio.

Share Bar Position

Choose where you want to show the share bar before or after the content post.

Share Bar Type

There are two types of Share Bar positions that you can prefer: vertical and horizontal.

Enable horizontal for mobile and vertical for desktop

Choose this option if you want to display horizontal ShareBar on mobile and vertical on desktop

Share Bar Styles

This setting is used only with vertical type. You can customize the position of the Share Bar by yourself.

Emote widget

Show Emote at the end of each post

You can turn the widget status to on/off by toggling the radio.

Widget width

Using this setting you can change the emotes size in pixels.

Comment widget

Enable comments

Turn this “off” if you want to completely hide the Vuukle widgets from the website.

Comments Embed Method

Choose where you want to display the Comment widget

Vuukle WordPress plugin – options screenshot

WordPress plugin options 02

screenshot wp 1

screenshot wp 2

screenshot wp 3