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What is Vuukle? Part 2

Updated over a month ago

Vuukle is world’s top custom user engagement and commenting platform for enterprise sites and blogs. Using it you can increase user engagement, increase traffic and increase website revenue.

What is Vuukle 01

By creating multiple points of engagement, it helps you to increase user engagement. It generates better internal linking structure and related posts customized to each visitor, and in this way, it increases traffic on your website. Also, it helps you to increase your website revenue, not only with user engagement and more traffic but also with monetizing your comments section and increasing your website CPM (Cost per thousand impressions).

What is Vuukle 02

Services we offer include:

  1. Commenting System

    • Can be embedded on any website
    • Related posts suited for each visitor
    • Auto-moderation of comments through Vuukle’s unique ranking algorithm
    • Audience interaction increased with focused comments
    • High-rated comments always shown, poorly rated comments are filtered out
  2. Analytics Dashboard

    • Topic, tag, author analytics
    • Moderation
    • Newsletters
    • and more…
  3. Embeddable Widgets

    • Sentiment analysis widget
    • Email Subscribe
    • Ideabox
    • Embeddable Comments
    • More widgets are coming soon

What is Vuukle 03