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Emote widget and everything you need to know about it

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Emotes Widget


Enable Vuukle Emote widget using WordPress plugin:

In your WordPress Admin panel, go into Settings > Vuukle > Emote Widget settings and choose “On” for Show Emote at the end of each post option

Enable Emotes in WordPress

For Blogger:

In your Blogger dashboard, go into the Layout tab, edit the Vuukle HTML/JavaScript widget and insert the shortcode [vuukle-emote]. Then click the Save button.

Enable Emotes in Blogger

For JavaScript:

In your website’s HTML, insert the following code where you want the Emotes widget to display

<div id="vuukle-emote" />


JS variables:

emotes: { enabled: true, //Enables Emote widget on the page hideRecommendedArticles: false, //Hides Article recommendations on Emote selection size:
undefined, // icons size firstImg: undefined, // Set here the image URL to the desired emoji or image firstName: 'Happy', //Change the name of the
Emote secondImg: undefined, secondName: 'Unmoved', thirdImg: undefined, thirdName: 'Amused', fourthImg: undefined, fourthName: 'Excited', fifthImg:
'', fifthName: 'Angry', sixthImg: undefined, sixthName: 'Sad', disable: [], //You can
disable some emotes (Emotes id's 1,2,3,4,5,6) customText: {}, },

WordPress Settings

On WordPress Settings, you can change the “Widget width” and choose where the “Emote” widget should display on your site

wp emote s

You can customize Emote widget the same as the JS variable list but with User-friendly settings look on the Vuukle admin panel. Go to the “Settings” - “Emote Settings” subpage
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