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How to customize Emotes in Vuukle widget

Updated over a month ago

Emote screen

To set your own set of images into the “Emotes widget” add the following code inside VUUKLE_CONFIG

  emotes: {
    firstImg: 'place image URL here',
    secondImg: 'place image URL here',
    thirdImg: 'place image URL here',
    fourthImg: 'place image URL here',
    fifthImg: 'place image URL here',
    sixthImg: 'place image URL here',

(just replace “place image URL here” with links to your images)

But note this, the heavier images you set – the higher the load time 😉

You can set custom names for the emotes.

   emotes: {
    firstName: 'place desired name here',
    secondName: 'place desired name here',
    thirdName: 'place desired name here',
    fourthName: 'place desired name here',
    fifthName: 'place desired name here',
    sixthName: 'place desired name here',

You can also set a custom text for any of the present fields.

emotes: {
       comment: "Comment",
       comments: "Comments",
       header: "What is your reaction?",
       noRecommendations: "😢 No recommendations. Try to select another emote",
       suggestionsHeader: "You might like:",
       thanks: "thank you for voting",
       vote: "vote",
       votes: "votes"


You can also customize the “Emote” widget through the Vuukle Admin Panel
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